Corporate Page

Corporate Page

We promote wellbeing through the power of botanical scents.

We exist to help your brand experience be an unforgettable scented one.

We remember just 1% of what we touch, 2% of what we hear, 5% of what we see, and 15% of what we taste, but 35% of what we smell.

Corporate Gifting

The Gift of Wellbeing.

An offer of customizable products for your employees and partners. Our curated Master Blends & Scenting Tools will improve their wellbeing, based on the benefits of botanical scents.

Possibility of combining the gift with a digital or physical wellbeing activity (breathing, meditation, yoga…).


Create your Wellbeing Scent.

90min experimental scent design experience with our founders, includes:

(1) Masterclass about the impact of botanical scents in our wellbeing. (2) Introduction to olfactive families and basics of scent-making-creation. (3) Creation of your own home scent (wood diffuser gifted) or perfume base oil.

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Olfactive Design Studio

Your Olfactive Logo Design. We create the olfactive emotional expression of your brand or space. We convey your brand values and emotions in an Olfactive Logo Design. We can decline and implement your Olfactive Logo Design into multiple products from space scenting Master Blend to fragrance.

Organic Home Scenting.

Committed to the highest quality and sustainability.

Only 100% pure and organic essential oils.

Free from synthetic fragrance.

Vegan and cruelty-free.

Swiss Based. Made in Europe.

Scent marketing research shows that there is a 40% improvement in mood after being exposed to pleasant scents.

Nina & Esther, The MĀkers. __

MĀ is the space within the space.
An emptiness full of possibilities.

Everyone has MĀ.
We want to inspire you to find yours.

Discover the MĀ concept