Inspiring MĀpeople: Anisha Joshi

Written by: Lisa Marti

Inspiring MĀpeople: Anisha Joshi


At MĀpeople we feature people that inspire us, today we introduce you to Anisha Joshi, she reflects on her journey and we get to know where she finds her #MĀmoments.

Anisha is an award-winning osteopath and a clinic owner in London. Her patient list includes many professional athletes and celebrities. She bought her clinic in Hitchin at 24 years old, and then expanded into central London. The clinic grew from 1 osteopath to now 7 osteopaths, 3 sports massage therapists, a Doctor, A nutritionist, A holistic therapist, A psychotherapist and more… 

She has won the Principal osteopath of the Year 2019, and is now a regular writer for the Osteopathy Today magazine. Anisha has appeared on This Morning as their ‘go to’ musculoskeletal expert and Radio. She is trying to get more people to know about Osteopathy and the positive impact it can have on their wellbeing.

Anisha is an inspiration for us because beyond her drive to make an impact on people’s wellbeing. And she does it always with the best vibes.

Anisha is pure energy. Sunshine. Soul.

Where is your favorite place at home?

I love my bed and bedroom. It is my safe space and I feel like I can switch off from the busy day.

Something you do that sets your up for the day?

I go to the gym or for a walk every morning. It helps me clear my head and also makes me feel good for achieving something so early on.

osteoalliesclinic london award winning osteopath clinic

What is your interpretation of MĀ?  

I think it is an amazing concept and truly inspired. I work with my patients to not only ease their body but also their mind. Research now shows that stress, sleep and anxiety are directly linked to pain that is felt in the body… so being able to help your mindset with the scents of MĀ is a game changer. 

What activities are the ones that help you to #findyourMĀ?  

I like to go outside for a walk and try to leave my phone inside so that I can just think, be present. 

What type of scents do you like most for your clinics?  

I like the woodsy sort of smell for the clinic as it feels grounding and I think that is so important in London where everything is so busy.

organic essential oils diffusing at London award-winning osteopath clinic

What are your favorite MĀ Master Blends?  

I love Good Sleep, Calm (for the clinics) and Vitality.

Any words of wisdom for an inspired life?

You are just as worthy, deserving and capable of achieving anything you want out of this life. Than anyone else on this earth.


We are so happy that your clients can now enjoy scented #MĀmoments at your clinics 

For more inspiration, follow Anisha @osteoanisha and @osteoalliesclinics

The MĀkers. __  


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