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Our Story

We are curators of moods & emotions to live by.

We are experts in organic home scenting. We provide you a natural lifestyle solution for improving emotions & wellbeing whilst simplifying the use of Essential Oils We scent your moments.

75% of our daily emotions are affected by what we smell.

Rockefeller University

AroMĀchology: the power of botanical scents.

It has been well documented that scent is directly linked to the limbic system, the area of the brain that is associated with processing memory and emotions.

Knowing scent can have this powerful impact on our wellbeing, we can use it to evoke moods, feelings & emotions in a positive way.

Everything we do at MĀ is deeply rooted in nature & self-care. Our organic essential oils are meticulously crafted to support your emotions, we care about how you feel, in your space, in your moment. This is why we are committed to using only natural and organic products.

All our products are organic. Our formulas are pure, meaning we do not use bulking ingredients or anything else to dilute the purity of our essential oils.

We use traditional blending methods in a contemporary way, and we mix and pour all our Master Blends by hand.

MĀ is the space within a space. An emptiness full of possibilities

Everyone has a MĀ.

We want to inspire you to find yours.


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Our commitment to sustainability

Sustainability is a core component of our philosophy. At MĀ, we care about you and about our footprint. Therefore:

__ Our ingredients are organic We use only natural ingredients each pure oil is sustainably sourced. We know the country, the region and how the oils are extracted.

__ Our Packaging is Recycled, Reusable and Rethought.

We have chosen not to use secondary packaging.

Our Master Blends Sets are offered in washable paper sacks that can be reused and repurposed.

All our Master Blends come in matt glass bottles made from recycled glass and we use wood for our lids instead of plastic. You can also reuse the wood cap once your blend is finished as a wood scented ball.

Our delivery box and collateral has been thoughtfully designed to be minimalist without compromising the quality nor aesthetics. All the collateral you will find inside can be repurposed as decorative material.

Our Story

Art as an inspiration

As a design-led brand, the inspiration for MĀ’s aesthetic is rooted in Japanese simplicity. Our diffusers & bottles take inspiration from this aesthetic of giving objects space for interpretation, a ‘less is more’ approach. If it is superfluous with no purpose, it is not MĀ.

MĀ is designed to be without noise. We are proud not only of our collections but how they fit visually within an interior space. We believe in the allure of a beautifully crafted object that fulfils a need & serves a purpose.

Our aim is to channel our artistic curiosity through MĀ with collaborations with artists we love and admire. Discover more about MĀpeople in our articles at MĀgazine

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‘MĀ was developed with love and gratitude for the profound healing experience we have both undergone as a result of learning to pause, take time & incorporate essential oils in our lives.’

Nina & Esther, The MĀkers. __