Benefits of diffusing Bergamot essential oil

Written by: Lisa Marti

Benefits of diffusing Bergamot essential oil

Allow the zesty fruit to boost your mind and energise your body

Mediterranean with Asian roots, Bergamot is grown drenched in sun like the rest of its citrus family. Very acidic, it may be used in some distinct ways in cuisine but the true star of the fruit is the peel. Cold-pressed, the rind releases a concentrated oil, known for a myriad of therapeutic benefits.

Sweet and zingy, the fragrance of Bergamot essential oil is profoundly versatile. Mainly grown in Italy, Bergamot essential oil is an elixir of sunshine and fresh air. Its exceptional effects on the mind and body only give us more reasons to fall in love with it. Commonly used in aromatherapy, it only takes a few drops of Bergamot essential oil in a diffuser to unlock many of this zesty elixir’s benefits.

The zingy scent also plays a huge part in the creative part of the brain. Its sharp scent helps unlock creativity and allows the mind to explore a new area of its imagination.

Discover the many benefits of diffusing Bergamot essential oil. Breathe in and let the scent guide you to a whole new world. .

Moment of calm

Create a positive environment.

The aroma of Bergamot essential oil has been used for centuries for its ability to impact the mind but also trigger positive responses,  helping the body to also feel a bit lighter.

Reduces stress and anxiety

Bergamot essential oil, when diffused, can help soften the mind and alleviate feelings of stress. The delicate citrusy aroma soothes the nerves and helps lower blood pressure. Physically, it brings the body back down to a calmer state, allowing the mind to slow down the wheels of anxiety before they reach an unstoppable speed.

Establish a positive mindset

While Bergamot essential oil helps bring down stress levels, it also triggers joyful emotions and lightens up the mood. The concentrated liquid is high in limonene which is known to be a natural stimulant and effortlessly lift the spirits. Diffusing the fruity aroma creates an uplifting environment in which the mind can find peace and the heart can feel a little less heavy.

Our MĀ Secret: Start the day by diffusing fifteen drops of Vitality Master Blend - one of the main oils in the Master Blend is Bergamot-. Take the time to stretch your body. Breathe in. Open your soul to the uplifting citrusy aroma. Set your intentions for the day with an open, creative and optimistic mind.

 Ceramic Diffuser scentinc a moment of calm

Boost energy

Freed from stress and now feeling more confident and brighter, the mind is able to send this signal of positivity to the entire body, reaching out for more strength and boosting energy levels. 

As the brain shifts its focus from negative thoughts and emotions, feelings of general fatigue are instantly lifted and the body follows suit and feels empowered, ready to start again.

Promote good health

The zingy and zesty scent of Bergamot essential oil also acts as a tonic. Sharp, the fruity fragrance stimulates the brain and boosts the overall immune system.

Support the digestive system

Diffusing Bergamot essential oil can help improve digestion and ease any discomfort. The carminative properties of the volatile oil soothe upset stomachs and will help the body relax when you feel bloated. The uplifting scent will also prevent the post-meal slump which you may experience after a few helpings of delicious food.

Clear respiratory system

Another benefit to diffusing the citrus fruity scent of Bergamot essential oil is its potent anti-congestive property and can help the body fight winter coughs and colds. 

The fresh scent filling up the room helps relieve most respiratory problems and helps loosen the mucus in the respiratory tract and speeds up the natural process to eliminate any germs from the body.  

Simply diffuse Bergamot essential oil around the house to support the immune system get through the cold and wash away the toxins.

Wave unpleasant smells goodbye and purify the air

Like many essential oils from the citrus family, Bergamot essential oil makes a perfect non-toxic air freshener. The herbaceous aroma easily takes on unpleasant odours and to create a relaxing and soothing environment.  

As well, the anti-bacterial agents naturally present in Bergamot essential oil help purify the aid from germs and other potential bacteria which could harm you and your family. 

As a preventive action at the start of winter, diffuse ten drops of Bergamot essential oil around the house to purify the air now that windows are shut and the immune systems are more vulnerable.

Repel insects

A final reason to absolutely love Bergamot oil and diffusing it is its natural ability to repel insects. There’s nothing like knowing you can protect your house from unwanted bugs without hurting them either. Many citrusy essential oils work wonders as a non-toxic insect repellant and do not have any side effect of chemical-based equivalents. 

Ideal to guarantee a mosquitoes free dinner party or simply making sure you are not going to bump into uninvited bug guests, Bergamot essential oil makes your home a safe place for you and looks out for the environment around it.

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