How to get better sleep quality

Written by: Nina Martí

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How to get better sleep quality

Sleeping is an essential part of our days. It defines our mood, our energy levels, our capacity to respond to difficult situations and so much more. Yet, sleeping patterns depend on our daily activities and can be impacted by our behaviour and life choices.  

Reconnect with the sun 

Our bodies are set like clocks. They are meant to wake up when the sun goes up and go to sleep when it sets, it’s called the circadian rhythm. The solar rhythm affects our brain, body and even hormones to ensure we can keep up with it.  

This is a lot less straightforward in today’s world, as our body has to follow a completely different rhythm which we dictate, regardless of what nature had in mind. To help restore your body’s natural cycle and experience better sleep at night, try to expose yourself to natural light as much as possible. It can simply be a short walk in the morning, a lunchtime stroll or even sitting next to a window.  

The more time you spend outside the better the sleep quality in the evening as the body is finally resetting to its natural state and restores a healthy circadian rhythm.  

Create the right environment

 The place where you sleep plays a key role in the quality of sleep you may get. While some of us may live in noisy cities, paying attention to other elements in your bedroom will have a tremendous impact on your ability to rest peacefully. 

 Set the temperature lower 

It is tempting, especially during winter, to increase the temperature in our bedroom and make it as cosy as possible. Although it may not seem like a bad idea, sleeping in a warm room has a notable effect on your sleep as the body needs to cool down to find the resting bliss point. Try lowering the temperature to 18°C to let your body come to a natural resting state. 

Use the light wisely 

While natural light will help you sleep, artificial and blue lights will without a doubt have the opposite effect. Ensure your bedroom is as dark as possible to allow your mind to fully let go and understand this is a place to rest, not a place for digital distractions. 

Rethink the layout 

The way your room is set up does impact the quality of our sleep. Ensure it is a relaxing environment, kept free of any mess or too cluttered. You can also introduce relaxing scents to create a calming ambience and help the mind slowly unwind. 


Our MĀ secret: In your bedroom, diffuse MA’s unique Good Sleep blend. Imagined to appease the mind and help the body fully relax to promote better sleep, this unique combination of PetitGrain Mandarine, Lavender, and Cinnamon organic essential oils easily calms anxiety and balances the mind to let it completely relax and disconnect. Close your eyes. Relax. Sleep.

Exercise during the day 

Planning a few workouts during the week is a great way to alleviate stress and keep healthy but it’s also an excellent solution to sleepless nights. As you work out, the brain releases hormones including melatonin, the sleep hormone, which, later on, boosts sleep quality.  

When it comes to exercising, timing is everything. Avoid leaving it for the end of the day as it could have the opposite effect and keep you awake as the body would not have any time to wind down after a cardio session.  


Be smart about your diet 

Food is just as important as exercise when creating a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Being mindful of your diet can significantly help improve the quality of your sleep.  

Limit caffeine and alcohol 

Caffeine has a longer-lasting effect than you may think. In fact, it can keep you awake up to 10 hours after your last cup of coffee.  

Similarly, alcohol also impacts the way you rest as it can cause drowsiness but will actually interfere with your sleep cycle as it will act as a stimulant a few hours after your last drink.  Try to avoid both as much as possible after lunchtime to allow your mind to be free from any stimulants and able to rest peacefully through the night.  

Opt for lighter and sugar-free food in the evening 

Large meals tend to make us very sleepy but will also be a cause of discomfort and can even cause heartburns. Refined sugars such as white bread, pasta and rice are also likely to interfere with your sleep as they will load the body with energy which it does not need during this restful period.  

Pick a light, high in fibre meal that is easier to digest and will fuel your body through the night so it can fully disconnect and sleep calmly

Address any anxiety earlier in the day  

Anxiety can be a trigger to sleepless nights. Going to bed while the mind is still focused on all stressful situations and sources of worry is likely to interfere with sleep quality.  

Try to calm down from anxiety ahead of bedtime, for instance, writing down any sources of stress, upcoming tasks or difficult situations which you may have dealt with that day. Free yourself from those, setting them aside for the following day and let your mind fully disconnect to find a place where it can rest and recharge. 


Create your own meditation space 

Meditation is a common practice to bring calm and help centre the mind. Known to help control and understand emotions, it is also a great way to promote sound sleep as the daily practice of mediations frees the mind from the outside effervescence and creates a soothing place. 

Essential oils help boost meditation by unlocking emotions and feelings and enhance the soothing effect of this moment you take for yourself. This can also be an opportunity to try creating your own blends, to pause and show your mind and body some self-love. By allowing them to let go of any stress and tensions, your sleep will slowly become more restful and less agitated 


Our MĀ secret: Ahead of your meditation practice mix together ten drops of the master blend Calm. The essential oils create a unique blend that enhances your meditation practice. Take a comfortable seating position. Slowly breathe in the unique scent, breathe out and let your mind relax. When the time comes to sleep tonight, your mind will be ready to fully disconnect and rest calmly. 

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