Inspiring MĀpeople: Elise Esposito

Written by: Lisa Marti

Inspiring MĀpeople: Elise Esposito
At MĀpeople we feature people that inspire us. Today we introduce you to Elise Esposito-, she reflects on her favorite #MĀmoments and her vision for everything related to wellbeing.

Elise is a very special inspiration for us since she is behind of our first collaboration of art. With Elise, we are laucnhing ArtbyMĀ: limited hand-painted editions of our Ceramic Diffuser, each drop will be inspired by the MĀ Japanese Concept. 

Creating from the heart, Elise uses organic lines and strong patterns to celebrate the richness and simplicity of life. Her work is an invitation to slow down and contemplate the wonders of detail. Elise is a true artist able to create a universe only painting in one single colour. Her colour, Klein Blue. Through her devotion to the craft, Elise aims to open up a space for reflection. She knows what a #MĀmoment is!!

We love how she made a piece of Art from our Ceramic Diffuser. The process has been a true inspiration to us and can not wait to share more with you.

Elise is art, simplicity, and great elegance. A ray of blue electricity. A spark of sensitivity. And much more!

Tell us a bit about you.

I was born in France, in the countryside, south of Bordeaux. I then lived ten years in Sweden and recently moved back to my home country to settle in Montpellier, on the Mediterranean coast, with my partner.

Where are you answering from?

I am sitting in my living room, drinking Japanese green tea from a vibrant blue ceramic cup that my friend made. I am looking at the trees swaying gently outside the window and your blend Sensuality is diffusing in the background.

Green tea klein blue cup

What is your favorite place at home?

We spent the last few months remodeling our apartment and moved in only quite recently so I’m still figuring that one out. There are so many cozy nooks around the home but sitting under the linden tree on our balcony might be my favorite.

terrasse elise esposito

What is your favorite morning ritual, aka #MĀmoment?

I always start my day by splashing cold water on my face and nourishing my skin with rosehip oil. Then I might do some yoga, meditate or just snuggle up on the sofa with a warm drink before preparing some breakfast and starting my work day.

What is your favorite evening ritual, aka #MĀmoment?

One of my favorite evening rituals is to read a novel with a glass of sparkling water or kombucha while my partner is cooking us a delicious dinner in our open-plan kitchen. Such a luxurious feeling!

open white kitchen

Something you always do before start painting?

I need to be in a calm and aesthetically pleasing environment to get into my creative bubble so I would usually tidy up my space and maybe light a candle or an incense stick. I always brew a pot of tea before I start drawing. I also have a special playlist I’ve created to help me get into a deep focused state.

calm atmosphere essential oil

What inspired you in the collaborative process with MĀ ?

I’ve been in love with the brand since the very first time I came across it. The minimalist aesthetic, the attention to detail, the Japanese inspiration, the invitation to pause and be more present to our surroundings through our senses. All of it really resonates with my practice and it felt aligned and quite effortless to create a design for MĀ.

How have you interpreted MĀ?

When Esther and Nina invited me to use the ceramic diffuser as a blank canvas, I decided to explore the idea of negative space by painting a blue pattern.

Apart from the ritual of drawing them, I love working with patterns because they are rich in details and offer an opportunity for anyone looking at them to pause and get lost in contemplation. The one I chose for this project is made of many short brush strokes which come together to weave a vibrant and organic surface. The space around the strokes remains empty, revealing the white ceramic texture of the diffuser.

process diffuser painting

Echoing the Japanese concept of MĀ, there is a harmony and balance between the full and the empty. The silences in between give shape to the whole. The name of the project, FLOW, refers both to the deep meditative state I get into when working on this hypnotic pattern and to the water element omnipresent throughout the experience of using the diffuser.

 ceramic diffuser hand painted

How do you think art can help us improve our wellbeing?

Apart from the benefits of the creative practice itself, I believe that beautiful intentional objects and images can have a huge impact on our daily mood. By curating our spaces with carefully chosen pieces that speak to us, we can increase our sense of peace and belonging. Art creates deep emotional connections and adds a dose of joy, meaning and playfulness to our lives.

art ceramic blue klein diffuser

How do you #FindyourMĀ?

I feel most at peace when I am fully immersed in my drawing process. My mind is empty and I am fully present to the feeling of the brush on the paper and the aliveness in my body. It smells like sandalwood, earthy and sensual, my absolute favorite scent.

elise esposito painting

Any person that inspires you as to be featured as a #MĀpeople?

My best friend Kim Gerlach (@kim.gerlach.sunandrise). She works with scents and breathwork and always inspires me with her ambition, her resilience and her social skills.

Thank you Elise for sharing your wisdom with us.For more inspiration, follow Elise @elise.esposito

Limited Edition FLOW available from the 6th of November till the 30th November in a pre-order format Here

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