Sensuality Master Blend by MĀ

Written by: Nina Martí

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Sensuality Master Blend by MĀ

Allow your mind to let go of any tensions and (re)find its way to sensuality

Essential oils have a unique effect on the mind. While we may think scents only have so much to do with how we feel, they actually affect 75% of our emotions and when it comes to feeling intimate they definitely do not shy away from this role. 

Although we may think we are attracted to a special someone because of their looks, charisma or humour, smells are also a defining factor in the way we interact together - whether we perceive it or not. 

Essential oils have been used for centuries as the first forms of perfumes to enhance our natural scent and Cleopatra herself used lavender essential oil to seduce Jules Cesar. Today, these powers have faded away. The natural essence of plants and flowers is not one to ignore whether you want to spice things up with your loved one and fully explore your sensuality. MĀ has imagined the perfect blend to guide you through the wonderful magic powers of nature and let your bodies do the rest.  

Discover MĀ Sensuality Master Blend. Made of six essential oils, it brings the sweetness of the most delicate flowers together with the sharp scent of citruses and the fiery aroma of clove.

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Discover what it is inside our MĀ Sensuality Master Blend:

Lime (Citrus Aurantifolia), top note

Refreshing and stimulating, Lime essential oil has a unique scent within the citrus family. Sharp and zingy it is known to promote well-being and emotional balances but also promote positivity. 

As the top note of MĀ Sensuality Master Blend, it has an awakening effect on the mind. The invigorating aroma of Lime essential oil reminds the soul of hot summer drinks and the sensuality of the sunny days.

Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata), heart note

Known as the flower of love, Ylang Ylang essential oil is known as one of the most aphrodisiac volatile oils. This floral elixir, or Nature’s own love potion is used at Asian weddings to wish the couple luck and love through their union. 

To fully unlock its erotic properties, Ylang Ylang is the heart note of our MĀ Sensuality Master Blend. Its subtle and enduring scent mesmerizes the mind and helps let go of any tensions which could hinder sensual emotions.

Geranium: Pelargonium asperum

Highly delicate, Geranium essential oil is also known for its hormonal balance and aphrodisiac properties. The flowery scents stimulate parts of the mind that are associated with trust and love, the perfect combination to boost your self-esteem and libido.   

Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin), base note

Commonly used in many beauty products, Patchouli essential oil brings people together thanks to its globally adored scent. Native from Indonesia, it has been used for centuries to alleviate stress which is the most common reason behind a dip in libido. 

This musky scent is the base note of MĀ Sensuality Master Blend. Long-lasting, it brings you comfort and unlocks positive emotions which in turn allow the mind to fully let go and get lost in the moment.  

Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis)

Sweet Orange essential oil is known to brighten up the mood and promote feelings of happiness. The zingy scent of the citrussy oil opens up the mind, allows emotions to be expressed more easily and energises the body. 

The sweet scent is a middle note of MĀ Sensuality Master Blend acts as a support to its other component, maintaining energy levels high and the emotional connection strong. 

Clove (Syzygium aromaticum)

Sweet and warm, the aroma of Clove essential oil instantly brings comfort to the mind. Thanks to its invigorating and mentally stimulating properties this spicy scent has been attributed to aphrodisiac properties for centuries.

Clove essential oil is also a middle note of MĀ Sensuality Master Blend. Its deep and earthy scent brings warmth to the unique aroma and the spicy touch that will that little extra to boost your libido.

Create an ambiance for a sensual moment

Genuine foreplay to the mind, setting the mood for a special moment with your loved one is highly exciting. When we feel stressed, our bodies and mind may find it hard to be in sync and even more so with someone else’s body. MĀ Sensuality Master Blend was imagined to create a special atmosphere that will bring your mind, body and loved one together.

Love is in the air

Feeling sensual is about how you feel about yourself and also how your special one makes you feel. We all have our love language and for many of us words of affirmation never get old. Telling your loved one how you feel about them is a first step in the right direction if you are looking to create some (positive) sensual tension.

Our MĀ Secret: Pour five drops of MĀ Sensuality Master Blend into the MĀ Wood Mood. Find a comfortable place where you can be close but also comfortable to chat. Take a deep breath and remind each other about things that you love about one another. Slowly let the positive emotions unfold and your bodies get closer.

 love couple

Set your very own sensual scene

Sometimes it takes a bit more to get your mind completely off every day worries. When the mind is consumed by stress and anxiety which is often caused by work, it is not able to let go and even contemplate the idea of letting amorous emotions express themselves fully. That’s when you need to really take a step back and create that space where the mind feels stimulated and empowered.

Our MĀ Secret: Create a night your loved one will not forget by pouring twenty drops of MĀ Sensuality Master Blend into a MĀ Ceramic Diffuser. Add water to the reservoir and close it with the plastic cap and put the ceramic top back on. Place the diffuser in the bedroom and the timer to 30 minutes to one hour to allow the floral scent to fill the atmosphere earlier in the evening. Take a moment to breathe in the energy. Breathe out any tensions that could distract you or ruin the evening. We’ll let you imagine how you want to spend the rest of the evening.

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