A note from The MĀkers.

Written by: Lisa Martí

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A note from The MĀkers.


Welcome to our MĀgazine - where you will discover our world of inspiration around anything that brings us back to our center to enjoy a healthy and balanced life at its fullest. Here we will introduce you to our world and have conversations with collaborators and people that inspire us. People that share similar values to us:

We believe that the best things in life are not things. __

We believe in the power of connecting with nature. __

We believe in the healing power of art. __

We find beauty in simplicity. __

We believe a full life is made of great #MĀmoments. __

 Connecting with nature

What is the meaning of MĀ?

MĀ () is a Japanese concept that means the space within the space.

It applies to many aspects in life, we like one of the interpretations that understand MĀ as "an emptiness full of possibilities, like a promise yet to be fulfilled", and has been described as "the silence between the notes which make the music". Think about it for a moment: each song is made of several notes and within each of the notes there is always an empty space. If you do not respect that empty space, the melody will have no sense. MĀ is this empty space that makes the melody possible.

We interpret MĀ as that quiet moment we all need in our busy lives to make them meaningful. When you #findyourMĀ, you are centered, you give meaning to what you are doing.

The world is full of possibilities. The world is filled with MĀ.

Everyone has a MĀ (or more) that invigorates, brings calm, or whichever emotion makes you enjoy life most. 

We aim to inspire (and scent) your #MĀmoments. 

Everything you will experience at MĀ is based on our own interpretation merging our deep appreciation for art, design, and aesthetics combined with their mutual appreciation for the transformative benefits of a holistic lifestyle.  

 looking into horizon

AroMĀchology: the power of Botanicals

We both have experienced transformative experiences as a result of learning to pause, reconnect with nature & incorporate essential oils our lives. Now we want to make it easier for anyone to incorporate them through small everyday rituals.


And why do we believe in scenting your moments with organic essential oils? Well, they make you feel good! Scent is the most powerful of the senses: When we smell something, it reaches the olfactory bulb in our brain, which is a part of the limbic system, where emotions are processed. With regards to wellbeing, the science of scent falls into two fields: aromatherapy and aromachology, which is the study of the influence of smell and different scents and how it can stimulate or trigger different behaviours, feelings, and emotions within the body. 

organic essential oil calm

So, we decided to start this journey by promoting wellbeing via organic, home scenting with our essential oil Master Blends and Diffusing Tools along with all the inspirational content you will find here in the MĀgazine. There is so much more to come, join us on our journey (hose who know us, know we won't stop dreaming up & creating new ways) to inspire you to #findyourMĀ .


Till then, we invite you to live life through scented emotions.

Nina & Esther, The MĀkers. __





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