Inspiring MĀpeople: Adriana Sintes

Written by: Lisa Marti

Inspiring MĀpeople: Adriana Sintes


At MĀpeople we feature people that inspire us, today we introduce you to Adriana Sintes. She reflects on her favorite #MĀmoments and her vision of wellbeing and how she aims to help people live a more conscious life.

A cosmopolitan but very well grounded soul, Adriana has very strong roots to Menorca (our favorite island, where she was born). Her island culture, family, the sea, nature, the good food, the real friends - all that defines her.

Since an early age, sport has been part of her life: at 6, she was already competing at Rhytmic gymnastics. She has a degree in Sport Sciences by INEFC in Barcelona, PEAK PILATES and a Health and Nutrition Master by UOC.

From sports, she acquired very good values, among them empathy, generosity,  team spirit, constancy and sacrifice.  But she also found some other things that were not so positive and she decided to use that as a driver to change the relationship we generally have towards sports and nutrition. There was a moment in her life that she decided that everything she would do at professional level, would aim to improve the relationship people have towards movement and nutrition.

Why is Adriana so inspiring to us?

She is pure, a soul full of generosity. A class with Adriana is pure bliss. It goes beyond Pilates. It is a transformative class. You leave her class full of energy, of good vibes. With a smile to live a better life.

Where are you answering from?

From my office, working while I have my MĀ Ceramic Diffuser on. It is 12 pm, and I can hear the rain from the window while my dog, Bali, is on my lap. She is always close to me. Tom Odell, my favorite singer, is the soundtrack of this moment.

What is your favorite place at home? 

It really changes from day to day. But I do have a room that is now my office and Pilates studio where I love to spend time. I train, work, create ... also, I like just to spend time there, being in the moment. I guess you can call this is my place at home.

Woman doing Pilates

Tell us a bit more of who are the people who have been your biggest influence?

At a professional level, I admire everybody around me that have had the courage to start their own projects from a place of love and with the conviction that they are doing that thing that fulfills them, their passion. People that are living with a purpose – driven life, whatever it is.  I am blessed to be surrounded by many people like that in my life.

At personal level, my uncle Toni. A carpenter, that now at his 77 years old is living a very humble lifestyle, connected to the things that make him happy: getting up early, walking by the sea every morning, and reading. He has a very quiet life in Menorca, very healthy food habits, is very self-aware, taking care of his family. Above all, I love the way he enjoys all the simple moments in life, which is what makes a great life.


What is your favorite morning ritual, aka #MĀmoment?  

Breakfast is always the first thing I do. 😊. I do really need a good coffee with oat milk. I like to enjoy it together with toasted bread or with coco yogurt and granola and some fruits.

After, I like to do all my facial skincare routine and dress up to kick off the day. Sometimes I decide to do some training before that.

I am not an early bird, so I am not always having a lot of time for me in the morning. It is something I would like to improve in the long-term.

What is your favorite evening ritual, aka #MĀmoment?  

I feel I have more energy during the mornings, so this is the best moment for me to train. I have often a very packed calendar in the afternoons with private classes. What I love to do the most the days that I finish early is to put on my air pods with my favorite slow-mood songs (like 7 hours of music) and just wander around with my dog Bali.

Adriana Sintes with Bali on the beach

Something you always do before starting a class?

I always prepare ahead of the class all the information of the client such as sportive background, injuries, objectives and personal motivations. This really helps me a lot in order to customize the private class the best way possible according to their needs / situation.

How do you understand wellbeing?

Wellbeing is a mix of conscious movement, nutrition, self-awareness, and connecting with nature. Above all, it has to be aligned with the values that connect us with our essence as human beings.

By conscious movement I mean to exercise or move doing the things that we like and that makes us feel good. Conscious movement, understood that way, is the driver to be constant.

Your most coveted secret or advice for wellbeing?

Only when you are aligned with all the above points, you reach a REAL holistic wellbeing stage which is matching what YOU need.

What is the thing from MĀ that resonates the most to you?  

The “Less is More” approach. Believing in the beauty of simplicity. Yes, Simplicity is THE word. Right now this is the driver in everything I do in my life. I consciously try that everything I do, both at a personal and professional level, is linked to simplicity and lightness.

How do you #findyouMĀ?  

Hiking at Camí de Cavalls in Menorca, stopping at some of my favorite “beach cales” off summer season. I love to be there by myself. It is my very own #MĀmoment. 

Woman enjoying Menorca cala beach

Can you describe how this moment would smell?  

Sea and Mediterranean pine. It is an instant fresh scent.


Any inspiring person you would like to see featured as MĀpeople?  

Wow - so many great women. I really get inspired by all this amazing ones:

Sava Riaskoff (coach)

Andrea Torres Martin (trainer)

Sidonie Depodebrady (Barrefit creator)

Ximena Duyos (psicologist)

Mae Nkapnougel (Yoga & meditation)

Paula Onares (mentor)

Thank you Adriana for sharing you wisdom with us.

For more inspiration, follow Adriana @adriana_sintes

The MĀkers. __  


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