Lemon essential oil benefits

Written by: Lisa Marti

Lemon essential oil benefits

Let the liquid sunshine enter your home.

Vibrant, zesty, energising, crisp and purifying, Lemon essential oil has it all. Nicknamed Liquid Sunshine, it has been used by humans for centuries and remains one of the most adored invigorating scents today.

Native to Asia, Lemons were mainly used in India and are still often found as the main ingredient of ayurvedic medicine. Romans and Egyptians also recognised the medicinal properties of the fruit and used it to cure diseases. 

Through the years, Lemon trees made their way east, first to Europe and North Africa and then eventually to America. 

Extracted from the peel, the oil is obtained as the rind is then cold-pressed into a concentrated liquid. The inside of the fruit is kept for juices and other purposes. Once released, the natural compound creates the unique, refreshing and exhilarating aroma of Lemon essential oil unlocking its many properties.

Lemons under sunshine

Three reasons why we love Lemon essential oil

Mind cleanser

The unique non-toxic profile of Lemon essential oil provides an uplifting environment. Energizing and zesty, it heightens the mood, adept at triggering positive thoughts and shedding light on any difficult situation.

Known to sharpen the mind and enhance concentration making it an ideal ally if you are working on a big project, or even for teenagers as they need a little extra boost when exams are around the corner.

As well, diffusing Lemon essential oil has been proven to stimulate serotonin and dopamine production, two hormones responsible for decreasing feelings of anxiety and inducing happiness. When diffused around the house, this invigorating scent provides a soothing and uplifting environment, inspiring everyone to be in a better mood and embrace this new joyful feeling. 

Household all-rounder

Diffusing Lemon essential oil is also an excellent way to cleanse the air in your home. The powerful and bright aroma easily takes on unpleasant smells which could make you feel uneasy, and leaves the house smelling fresh and crisp. 

The anti-microbial properties of this yellow elixir purify the atmosphere and gently removes any bacteria or toxins which could cause you and your loved ones any harm.

The same anti-microbial qualities can be used when creating a homemade cleaning spray. Also antifungal and detoxifying, it can serve as an all-purpose spray to clean countertops, sinks, tables, and any other surfaces. 

Alternatively, when mixed with a neutral oil it becomes a non-toxic polish which can be used to clean and nourish wood furniture to protect them from any signs of ageing.

Hair strengthener

Lemon essential can as well be used to promote healthy and shiny hair. The bright aroma and invigorating chemical make this unique compound a natural tonic able to remove dandruff and leave the hair shiny. 

To boost those cleansing benefits, dilute two drops of Lemon essential oil with three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in half a litre of cold water and give your hair a final rinse. The cold water will close off the hair cuticle, locking in the antioxidants and leaving the hair looking skinny and smooth

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You can find more information on how to diffuse Geranium essential oil in this article here.  

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