Full guide to feel energised

Written by: Nina Martí

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Full guide to feel energised

Small changes. Big impact on your body and mind.

Our best tips on how to increase energy levels 

A change of season, hectic days, long commutes, poor nutrition; there are many reasons why your energy levels may feel a bit low. Luckily, there are many small steps that can be taken to help improve how you feel at any given time of the day.

Natural ways to boost your energy levels 

Exercise often

Exercising regularly is actually a great way to maintain energy levels at their highest. While it may help you sleep soundly at night, it also boosts your overall motivation if done regularly. There’s no need to run a half marathon or start CrossFit, even regular 15 - 30 minute workouts will leave you feeling energised, ready to seize the day.

Establish a routine

Being disciplined and giving your body a routine it knows can make you feel more energised in the long run. Just as your body learns that certain signals mean “time to sleep”, routines can help tell your body “time to perk up” or “20 minutes high-intensity focus”.  A routine can help you rest better when the time comes and focus on the moments you need it. 

 Essential oils can enhance your daily routine and gently awaken your brain and trigger uplifting emotions.

Our MĀ Secret: Add four drops of peppermint essential oil to your shampoo or conditioner. Stimulate the scalp and wake up your mind. Let the steam of the shower will act as a natural diffuser, filling the bathroom with the fresh and invigorating minty aroma. Close your eyes and let the scent gently bring your mind to being more alert and boost your energy levels for the day.

Establish a sleep schedule

As with having a daytime routine, it is important to have a sleep schedule, of which the body and mind are aware.  Ensuring you get eight hours of quality sleep each night will help you feel more energised each day.  Avoiding bright screens, reading books and meditation can help you signal your mind that bedtime is approaching.   You can also use essential oils to help you sleep, as they create a sensory signal for your body to unwind and get ready for bed.

Our MĀ secret: Diffuse fifteen drops of lavender essential oil. Let the scent softly relax the mind and completely disconnect. Breathe in and breathe out slowly to allow your body to unwind until it is ready to fall asleep.

Do not hit snooze

We all do it, five more minutes, maybe 10, or 30. In fact, the moment we hit the snooze button our brain is partially awake and no longer resting. The time spent snoozing is either a loss of 30 minutes of sound and restful sleep, or a loss of precious productive time. It is better to set the alarm a little bit later and fully commit to waking up than leaving the mind in this in-between state which is neither fully awake nor resting.

Take power naps

Remember those days when you were allowed to have an afternoon snooze? The good news is, they should not be reserved for young children or students. Studies show that napping for 25 minutes is a great way to recuperate partway through the day and ensure you feel more productive during the second half of your day.  Be careful though, if the nap is longer than 30 minutes, it can have the opposite effect and leave you feeling a bit groggy.


Meditating is a great way to centre the mind, let go of negative tensions and focus on important emotions. Taking 10 minutes to assess how the body feels, becoming more aware of it and acknowledging the state of the mind will help with focus and as a result, increase energy levels. To boost your practice, add essential oils to your diffuser to help the mind relax and unwind.

Our MĀ secret: Blend together five drops of petitgrain essential oil, three drops of marjoram essential oil and three drops of neroli essential oil. Pour into a diffuser, and place it in the same room where you plan to practice meditation. Let the floral scent trigger positive thought and elevate your mindset.


Yoga and other stretching exercises are a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. Adding a few exercises to your daily routine, in between meetings or after a long call will help the body refocus and reset energy levels.


Walk away from your desk 

Being sat down all day is not a natural state and can make you feel a bit sluggish after a while. Taking a short 10 minute walk allows you to restart the engine and boost your overall energy levels. It also allows the mind to take a breath of fresh air and be ready for what comes next. 

Chat to a friend and have a laugh

No one should underestimate the power of social interactions. Interacting with others and having a discussion makes your brain feel more alert and lively. Laughing is also a great way to reduce stress. It helps increase your oxygen intake and releases endorphins. Both are essential to feeling alert and can provide a quick energy boost when needed. 

Take a step back and breathe 

Feeling stressed uses up a large amount of energy as the brain focuses on different elements which may not be productive. When feeling a bit low, it is better to take a step back from the situation, assess what can be done and focus on important things rather than let stress consume you. The way you breathe also impacts the way you feel. Slow, deep breathing helps reduce stress and refill our bodies with oxygen. Taking a break and five full, slow breaths can release tensions and leave you feeling more refreshed. Introducing new and refreshing scents such as eucalyptus essential oil can boost this exercise as it promotes relaxation and encourages tranquillity. 

>Our MĀ Secret: Add three drops of Focus curated blend to a diffuser or to a bowl of hot water. Slowly start your breathing exercise. Let the herbal scent refocus your mind and increase alertness.

Increase water intake

Dehydration is often one of the primary reasons for feeling a bit tired. As our bodies are made up of  75% water, if we do not drink enough water then all cells, including those in our brain, muscles, or gut, will struggle to perform at their best. That’s when you can start feeling a bit of a dip.  Ensure that you drink at least 2L of water a day to support your body and allow it to function at its best.


Eat a balanced diet

Eating well is crucial to ensure your energy levels are at their highest given that food is the fuel to the engine of your body.  The secret here is variety. Do not limit yourself to a specific type of food or food group. It is important to have more than 5 vegetables and fruits a day and include complex carbs, healthy fats and proteins in your diet. They are essential to your brain’s functions and maintaining energy levels throughout the day.

Eat regularly

Choosing the right food is important however timing is just as crucial. If your body has to go on long stretches without its fuel, it will eventually slow down. Similarly, if you eat a lot at once and then very little for hours, your body will spend the first hours after the meal digesting, putting the body on stand by while it processes the large amount of food before it can resume other activities.  Establishing a routine and bringing along a few healthy snacks will naturally keep your engine going for longer.

Choose complex carbs - glycemic load

While carbs are an essential part of a balanced and nutritious diet, not all carbs are equal.  Whole grains, beans, barley, nuts have a low glycemic load which means the energy they provide is being diffused slowly through the body whereas other carbs such as white rice, white bread and normal pasta will provide a spike of energy increasing blood sugar, followed by a too well-known crash in energy levels. 

Low glycemic food helps keep blood sugar at a steady level and prevents the rollercoaster effect of sugars which guarantee a dip in energy when blood sugar falls.


Have some (dark) chocolate

Dark chocolate is high in iron, which in turns creates oxygen-rich blood cells, essential to our wellbeing. It also contains theobromine which naturally stimulates the central nervous system.  Be careful when choosing the type of chocolate, as these benefits will not be found in milk chocolate, which is usually high in sugar to tone down the bitterness of raw cocoa.

Get some sunlight

Light is important to support our mood and energy levels. When winter arrives and the days get shorter, we are not able to enjoy the sunshine as much, and often feel a general dip in energy.  Just as a walk will help your body wake up, adding a midday stroll to your routine will ensure you catch some sunlight.  This will increase the levels of serotonin in the brain and help you feel more focused and awake.


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