Sleeping better with aromatherapy

Written by: Lisa Martí

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Sleeping better with aromatherapy

Everything you wanted to know about how essential oils can help you to sleep better. 

Insomnia and unsettled sleep can be the result of many factors. Stressful days, anxiety, busy times or just general agitation can keep us awake for hours at night. Alongside with making some changes to your daily activities, there are many natural and balanced sleeping aids which can prevent sleepless nights.

Aromatherapy can be an excellent and natural help to improve sleeping patterns and ensure your energy levels are at their highest as you are well-rested. The smell, like any of the five senses, can have a positive or negative effect on the mind. In the practice of aromatherapy, essential oils are used to trigger positive emotions and guide the mind to a defined outcome, in this instance relaxation and ultimately sleep. 

When looking for a solution to promote better sleep, aromatherapy can be used in different ways, such as alongside an existing routine to enhance the feelings of relaxation. Whether it is used to introduce a new practice or to enhance an existing ritual, essential oils will help the mind find a place that will promote better and more restful sleep.

Good Sleep

Diffuse positivity around you

Essential oil diffusers are a simple and safe way to release the calming properties of the natural elixirs into the air. Using heat or through air pressure, it turns the oil into vapour which is spread around the atmosphere, safely dispersing the particles to create a defined ambience.  

Using a diffuser is a great way to create a peaceful environment and help the mind unwind as the scent of the essential oil triggers positive thoughts and feelings. Simply add a few drops of your favourite calming essential oils and let the aroma diffuse slowly around the room as you get ready for bed. 

Our MĀ Secret: Diffuse fifteen drops of  MĀ Good Sleep Master Blend  in your bedroom during the evening. Close your eyes. Do some breathing exercises.

Spray the love around

If you do not have a diffuser or want to try using aromatherapy to improve your sleep, why not try spraying the natural compound around your home? Just as easy as using a diffuser, you can dilute a few drops of essential oil in water and spray it around the room but also give a light mist to your bed linen. The fabric will naturally retain the powerful scent of the essential oil, bringing positivity to the mind throughout the night.

Our MĀ secret: Dilute 10 drops of Frankincense essential oil in 200ml of water. Spray over your pillow and around the room as part of your bedtime routine. Breathe in. Let the mind relax.

Create an evening ritual

Creating an evening routine is crucial to enjoying consistent rest. Through the daily repetition, the mind learns it is time to unwind and finally disconnect from the world. When added to your evening rituals, aromatherapy stimulates a sense which is often overlooked: smell.  Here are a few ways you can integrate essential oils to calming moments to help you relax in the evening.


Stimulate smell through meditation 

Meditation is often recommended as one of the best peaceful evening activities one can do to sleep better. Whether it is guided, concentrated or transcendental meditation, aromatherapy will trigger positive and calming emotions which the mind may find difficult to unlock. 

When integrating aromatherapy to your meditation practice, simply use a diffuser to create a soothing ambience, place it close to you as your settle down and let the mind be guided by the natural aroma of the essential oils. 

Our MĀ secret: Diffuse fifteen drops of MĀ Calm Master Blend  in the room before you start your meditation practice. Listen to our Spotify curated list of music for meditation. Breathe in the sweet, delicate and distinct scent of the purple flower. Close your eyes and breathe out letting go of any tensions.
Meditating with music

Enhance bathtime relaxation

Taking a bath in the evening allows us to physically relax the muscle but also provides some quality time for the mind to unwind and let go of any tension, in sync with the body softening in the warm water.


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