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Corporate Gifting & Hospitality

Corporate Gifting & Hospitality

We promote wellbeing through the power of botanical scents.

The art of Gifting Wellbeing: Smells Good. Looks Good. Does Good.

Whether you’re gifting your clients for the holidays or are celebrating your employees, our dedicated team is here to make gifting seamless, personal, and fast.

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"75% of the emotions we generate on a daily basis are affected by what we smell."

The Rockefeller University

We have the perfect gift for every occasion:

- Gift Gifting Season.

- Employee recognition.

- Conferences.

- Company retreats.

- Recruitment and onboarding.

A curated scented experience

Make it even more memorable with our services:

- A unique message: we print customize cards with your company name and include a personalized message.

- Add your brand logo into our diffusers and external packaging.

- Discover our signature event: “Create your Wellbeing Scent", a 90min masterclass to create a curated scent based for each attendee.

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Olfactive Design Studio

Your Olfactive Logo Design.

- We create the olfactive emotional expression of your brand or space.

-We convey your brand values and emotions in an Olfactive Logo Design.

-We decline and implement your Olfactive Logo Design into any scented final product.

Are you a Hotel, Spa or wellbeing oriented company? We have more services to offer you.

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Scents for Wellbeing

Committed to the highest quality and sustainability.

Only 100% pure and organic essential oils.

Free from synthetic fragrance.

Vegan and cruelty-free.

Swiss Based. Made in Europe.

"Inspired by a Japanese concept of better balance in life, MĀ promotes wellbeing through home scents made from sustainably sourced, organic essential oils."

The Entrepreneurs Radio, Monocle

MĀ is the space within the space.
An emptiness full of possibilities.

Everyone has MĀ.
We want to inspire you to find yours.

Discover the MĀ concept