Focus Master Blend by MĀ

Written by: Nina Martí

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Focus Master Blend by MĀ

Guide your mind to find its center and focus.

Today’s world is highly stimulating. Wherever we go, there’s something to catch our attention or distract us. Even at work, the mind may sometimes not always be able to find its way back to a place where it feels centred. Chances are, you are experiencing brain fog and can’t really go through a full task without letting the outside world interrupt your train of thought. 

We’ve all had those moments when we feel like our attention span is shorter than a 100m sprint race. This is why we have created the perfect blend to help your mind channel its positive energy and achieve any objective you set. Discover MĀ Focus Master Blend, a unique combination of Lemon, Rosemary and Mint that will organise your mind to the essentials.

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A breath of fresh air to block distractions

Citrusy and herbaceous, MĀ Focus Master Blend, has been imagined to streamline thought and help the mind block out any distractions or disturbing thoughts. Zingy, Lemon essential oil sharpens the brain, while Mint brings the refreshing hint needed to kickstart new ideas and Rosemary triggers its memory. Balanced and clear, the scent of MĀ Focus Master Blend, transports the mind into its own world, where it can fully disconnect from distractions and define its path. Calm as water, the soul can let the new flow of ideas come in, creating small ripples that slowly get bigger and bigger, to finally unlock any hindered creativity.

Together those three oils form a crisp aroma that purifies the mind and induces a clean mindset, more adept at boosting concentration. Inspired, you can fully concentrate and let your imagination grow and venture freely. 

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) - Top note

Known for its unique powers on the mind and its ability to stimulate its memory, Rosemary essential oil is by definition the essence of concentration. Used since Ancient Times to boost focus, it naturally helps the mind find its centre and helps guide thoughts in a more positive direction.

In our MĀ Focus Master Blend, Rosemary Essential oil takes the top note. It is the first one that can be perceived when diffusing this unique scent in the Wood Mood or your MĀ Ceramic Diffuser and quickly gives the mind the support it needs to remove itself from mentally polluting emotions. 

Lemon (Citrus limonum) - heart note

Vibrant and zesty, Lemon essential oil takes the heart note of the MĀ Focus Master Blend. The citrus aroma is naturally invigorating. Full of energy, the Liquid Sunshine brings positivity to the mind and helps trigger optimistic emotions. The distinctive smell of Lemon essential oil also brings a warm feeling that slowly diffuses any anxiety or tensions and frees the mind to be its better self.

As the heart note of the MĀ Focus Master Blend, Lemon essential oil plays a crucial role. Its enduring scent helps maintain this positive mood and continuously uplift the spirit. As such, the mind is able to organise its thoughts and concentrate for longer on the task at hand. 

Mint (Mentha piperita)- base note

Sometimes when we are not focused, it’s best to get some fresh air to reset the mind. This is exactly what Mint essential oil does as the base note of the MĀ Focus Master Blend. Invigorating, the aroma of Mint essential oil perks up the mind to be more attentive and clears out any brain fog. 

Mint essential oil is the foundation of the MĀ Focus Master Blend.  As a base note, it brings coherence to the mind and a long-lasting cooling effect that helps lengthen your attention span. Delicate yet distinct, the herbaceous aroma stimulates the soul and enables it to explore new areas of its imagination.

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Create a pure space for your mind

MĀ Focus Master Blend will undoubtedly become your best ally when it comes to tackling large work tasks or simply creating a space where the mind can free itself from the constant noise of the outside world. 

Make your work area unique

Sometimes when we are at work, there’s too much going on. Whether it’s because we had a stressful morning before coming in, too many tasks to complete or simply taking on a new project, it is easy to let the mind wander freely to the point of being unable to focus fully. This is when MĀ Focus Master Blend becomes a game-changer. If you find yourself just avoiding a task, repeating other mentally draining actions such as checking your phone or finding other things to focus on, it means it is time for a mental reset. .

Our MĀ Secret: Pour four drops of MĀ Focus Master Blend into the MĀ Wood Mood. Bring it between your hands and close to your chest, do five rounds of deep breathing, counting to four every time you breathe in and again when you breathe out. Let the breath slowly settle to bring mental clarity. Put down the MĀ Wood Mood close to you. Breathe out and commit to your task for the next 25 minutes    

Rediscover your creativity

Being stressed is the first cause of feeling as if you have lost all creativity. The mind, when overstimulated, is not able to fully explore new ideas. As stress and anxiety create a mental fog that is difficult to see through, it is important to give the mind the space it needs to let go of those tensions and be able to experience its skills to their full capacity again.

Our MĀ Secret: Prepare your mind to start a new project. Take a seating position in a calm place and pour fifteen drops of MĀ Focus Master Blend in the MĀ Ceramic diffuser. Fill up the tank up to the maximum line and close the reservoir with the plastic cap with the ceramic back on top. Set the clock watch.Slowly breathe in and gently start picturing yourself working on this new task. Set your expectations for it and envision the positive feeling of completing them. Breathe out and let your mind bring those thoughts into action. Repeat this exercise as often as needed throughout the project. Every time you feel the mind starts wandering, take a break, and when you come back, appreciate the progress you have made and reset your expectations for what needs to be done next. Nothing can stop you once you have decided where you’re going.
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