Calm Master Blend by MĀ

Written by: Nina Martí

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Calm Master Blend by MĀ

Every day,  your mind is stimulated in many ways. New technologies constantly send notifications or put you within reach of countless conversations. Effervescent cities, buzzing with the excitement of people and a sense of urgency to try the next new thing. And even work that can be stressful and mentally demanding. There are countless reasons for the mind to feel a bit overworked and have a hard time finding peace and quiet.

To help you reset your emotions and bring back a more gentle mindset, MA has created the perfect woody and floral blend. MĀ’s Calm Master Blend has been imagined to ground bubbling thoughts and restore balance to the soul. 

Transport your mind to a calmer place

Imagined to soothe and ground emotions, the woody and floral combination of MĀ Calm Master Blend creates a delicate woody aroma that transports your mind to a quiet summer morning, watching the sunrise in the perfect little hidden corner of a paradisiac beach.

Close your eyes…imagine the gentle warmth filling your body with positive and peaceful energy, making you radiate with this new inner strength that grounds your emotions. MĀ’s Calm Master Blend is a me-time moment, designed to allow you to take a break from any stresses or anxiety and take the time to focus on yourself, your emotions and well-being.

MĀ Calm Master Blend presents a graceful scent made of three essential oils: Cedarwood Atlas to ground emotions, Ylang Ylang for its positivity enhancing properties and Frankincense to reduce anxiety.

essential oil for stress

Frankincense (Boswellia carterii, L), top note

Native from the Middle East, Frankincense essential oil is known for its settling power on the mind. For centuries, this musky scent has been praised to bring back down to be more tranquil and let go of stress or anxiety.

This unique natural tranquiliser takes the role of top note in the MĀ Calm Master Blend. The woody aroma of Frankincense essential oil leads as the first smell the brain will perceive. Instantly, this grounding scent brings reassurance to the mind and guides the soul to be free of tensions.

Cedarwood Atlas (Cedrus atlantica), heart note

Another woody essence, Cedarwood Atlas essential oil is known for its natural sedative properties that help create a soothing atmosphere and restore emotional balance. The distinct aroma of Cedarwood immediately has been used by many cultures to calm pains and aches by relaxing the mind and transporting it to the heart of nature, where the mind can fully recharge, powered by the energy of the Earth.

Its subtle and deep scent makes it the perfect heart note of MĀ Calm Master Blend Grounding, it allows you to really connect with your emotions and guide them to move away from the inflamed sensation of stress.

Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata), base note

Commonly nicknamed the “flower of flowers”, Ylang Ylang essential oil is known for its positive effect on the mind. Sometimes used to boost the mood, the exotic flower is known for its ability to soothe the mind.

The floral elixir is the base note of MĀ Calm Master Blend. Delicate and long-lasting, this natural sedative present in the tropical long-lasting aroma allows the mind to slowly diffuse emotions bubbling up and come back to a calm state when it can recentre itself.

Allow your mind to rediscover its calm place

Feeling calm may seem overwhelming in itself. When stressed, emotions are riding high and it is difficult for the mind to even contemplate coming back down to a place where it can be more at peace and not feeling like on a roller coaster. This is why MĀ Calm Master Blend is the perfect on-the-go ally to ensure you give your mind a gentle nudge so that it can safely climb down the wall of stress and anxiety and land on safer space.

Relieve stress wherever you are

Used with the MĀ Wood Mood, MĀ Calm Master Blend can be a go-to solution when you start feeling worried or anxious. While it may not remove the source causing those inflamed emotions, the delicate scent of the woody blend will recharge your mind and help change its approach. Reset, it can now come to the situation from a different angle.

Our MĀ Secret: Pour four drops of MĀ’s Calm Master Blend into the MĀ Wood Mood. Place it in front of you. Take a deep breath and visualise yourself in a quiet place. The sun is slowly rising, warming up your body and filling your mind with nature’s energy. Breathe out. Notice how the mind comes to gently settle and rest on this peaceful image. Continue this exercise for five minutes. When you open your eyes, you are a different person.
diffuser on the go

Stretch your mind and body

Work can easily be the reason why we feel stressed and anxious. As we spend most of our days there, it is crucial to ensure those emotions do not take over our lives. Create a post-work routine for yourself to allow your mind and body to unwind and more importantly leave behind any anxious feelings. This can be for instance a quick yoga session after work, meditation practice or even a workout. Although it may be tempting to lounge and relax, it is important to remain active to bring positive energy to the soul.

Our MĀ secret: After a long day at work, pour twenty drops of MĀ’s Calm blend in the MĀ Ceramic Diffuser after filling up the reservoir with water. Close the reservoir and let the water mist infused with micro particles of the soothing blend slowly transform the room’s atmosphere into an appeasing ambiance.

Breathe in. Enjoy your #MĀmoment and slowly start stretching out your body, allowing you to bring back some movement after sitting all day. Close your eyes and reflect on the past few hours to assess how you feel and the root of those emotions. Let the breathing come to a calmer rhythm and when you are ready open your eyes.


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