Good Sleep Master Blend by MĀ

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Good Sleep Master Blend by MĀ

Sleep is an essential part of our lives. It helps the body regenerate, allows our mind to rest and ensures we are prepared to tackle the next day with a positive attitude. This is why there is nothing more frustrating than the feeling we get when we struggle to fall asleep or find ourselves awakened during the nights.

Whether you have difficulties falling asleep or frequently experience insomnia and can lay in bed awake for hours, not being able to sleep has a tremendous effect on your daily life going from your energy levels to your mood and general cognisant abilities. Sleep deprivation can also lead to significant health issues that should not be overlooked and taken lightly. To help you avoid counting sheep for hours MĀ created the ultimate Good Sleep Master Blend

The perfect scent to unwind and fall asleep

When we find ourselves lying awake at night, it is often due to stress or just thoughts we have had during the day and that now keep us awake at night. We all know it, there’s nothing more frustrating than thinking about sleep when we are not able to sleep. MĀ’s Good Sleep Master Blend has the perfect combination of citrus and lightly woody scent that gently transports the mind, lifts the weight of guilt that it feels for not falling asleep and takes it to a quiet, comfortable space.

Just like anything in nature, the sun guides us and tells us when to be awake and when to sleep. The sharp fruity scent of MĀ Good Sleep Master Blend combined with the light wood aroma will remind you of a slow summer evening sunset where everything around starts to change; that time when the sun goes down and the warmth of the earth slowly shifts as we retrieve indoors to enjoy a cosy evening in.

MĀ’s Good Sleep Master Blend has been imagined to transport the mind and help trigger those natural signals that will help you fully disconnect ahead of bedtime. This unique scent brings together four essential oils: Petit Grain, known to reduce emotional tensions; Mandarine to calm anxiety, Lavender, famous for its soothing properties and Cinnamon to balance the mind.

Brought together, the four essential oils help the mind disconnect and find peace so it can fall asleep faster but also benefit from more restful sleep and wake up more energised.

essential oil for sleeping

Petit Grain, (Citrus aurantium L), top note

Praised for its ability to relax the soul and fade away anxiety, Petit Grain essential oil has been used for centuries to diffuse stress and any tensions that may keep the brain active and awake. This fresh and citrusy elixir is the top note of the MĀ Good Sleep Master Blend. Fresh and floral, it instantly softens the soul and helps restore a balanced mindset which is essential to let go and find restful sleep.

Mandarin (Citrus reticulata), heart note

Mandarin essential oil has been used for centuries, namely in China where it is a sign of prosperity. More subtle than the other essential oils of the citrus family, it brings a comforting feeling and effortlessly appeases the mind.

Although it can be described as delicate, the scent of mandarin essential oil is long-lasting and makes it the perfect heart note for MĀ Good Sleep Master Blend.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)

Known across the entire world as the reference when it comes to relaxing essential oils. Commonly used to induce sleep, the blue elixir has been used for centuries to reduce stress and pacify the mind.

Sweet and delicate, the quintessential volatile oil is a middle note of MĀ Good Sleep Master Blend. This familiar scent is the foundation of this floral citrusy and floral combination and ensures a serene rest.

Cinnamon leaf (Cinnamomum zeylanicum), base note

Sweet and spicy, cinnamon leaves essential oil is known to reduce anxiety and help fight depression. Originating from the paradisiac islands of Madagascar and Sri Lanka, the warmth of the earthy aroma brings comfort to the mind and helps balance emotions.

The deep scent of cinnamon essential oil is the base note of MĀ Good Sleep Master Blend Long-lasting, it brings heat to the blend to allow the mind to fully soften and relax.

Prepare your mind for a restful moment

Combating insomnia is a long and complex process that requires preparation but also consistency. It is important to help the mind understand the different signals that will help induce restful sleep. However, it is also essential to create a space so that it can go to bed knowing it is at peace with itself.

essential oil for sleeping

Let go of the day and sleep peacefully

Throughout the day, we accumulate tensions. Whether we realise it or not, all the different actions we take and interactions we have throughout the day will continuously be on our mind. Sometimes, they can be unpleasant and end up keeping us awake at night.

Our MĀ Secret: At the end of the day, after coming home from work, take a moment to yourself. Pour four drops of MĀ Good Sleep Master Blend in the MĀ Wood Mood and start mentally or physically writing down anything that you think would weigh on your mind. For each thought, take a deep breath, breathing in the light citrusy and woody scent and breathe out, letting go of any tensions. When you come to bed the mind will be free of those negative emotions and ready to surrender to a good night's sleep.

You can also prepare your room ahead of bedtime to enter a place of peace that will help the mind soften and promote better sleep. Pour twenty drops of MĀ Good Sleep Master Blend in the MĀ Ceramic Diffuser, fill up the reservoir and close it with the plastic cap and ceramic cover. Place the diffuser and set the timer to 60 minutes. Close the door to let the room’s ambience transform while you complete your nighttime routine. Enter your bedroom filled with a soothing scent. Take a deep breath and let go of any tensions. Turn off the diffuser and gently close your eyes as you now come to rest and let the delicate aroma guide your mind to perfect sleep.


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