Inspiring MĀpeople: Mireia Farran

Written by: Nina Martí

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Inspiring MĀpeople: Mireia Farran


At MĀpeople we feature people that inspire us, today we introduce you to Mireia’s world, she reflects on her favorite #MĀmoments and what inspired her for our brand first ever shooting.

All our MĀ photos and videos were created by Mireia, a talented photographer based in Barcelona, who has a special eye (and soul) to capture moments that tell stories.

Mireia is sunshine, vitality, and pure creativity!

nature and friensship

Where are you answering from?

Right now I am drinking a Chai latte in a cafe while I look through my emails and think about new ideas for future projects.

What is your favorite place at home? 

My favorite place at home is my bedroom, not because it is aesthetically my favorite place but because it is my refuge. From a very young age, I would spend hours and hours playing in my room; it was a space where I could build my own world, away from adults. Now I think I still do the same thing. For me, my bedroom is a space of peace, rest, and intimacy where I can stop being extroverted and be with myself.

What is your favorite morning ritual, aka #MĀmoment?  

Every morning for the past year I have been doing 20 minutes of yoga to wake myself up and afterward I do 10 minutes of meditation to reset my mind and start my day. This helps me to focus on my goal for the day and it gives me strength and will.

What is your favorite evening ritual, aka #MĀmoment?  

Before going to sleep, I always dedicate time to cleansing my face and looking after / nourishing my skin with natural oils and putting some drops of Good Sleep Master Blend on my pillow in order to relax and sleep well. I have always struggled with insomnia and I have tried different remedies which haven’t helped me, but since using MA products, I have been sleeping much better.

Tell us something you always do before starting a shooting?  

Before starting a shoot, I always like to establish some kind of human connection with the person who I am photographing and the rest of the team. The connection is what helps us to enjoy the shooting process and you can always see this reflected in the final result.

What inspired you in the collaborative process with MĀ?  

Collaborating with MĀ has been an absolute dream. I have been lucky enough to have the creative liberty and trust of the team which has been incredible. MĀ has inspired me from the very beginning; their idea, philosophy, and ethical process in which they have created their brand and the humane treatment mean that I can only be grateful for this opportunity.

What was your inspiration to interpret MĀ?  

I love the idea of explaining to a society where sight is always seen as the most important human scent, that smell can change 75% of our emotions. This is a very unknown fact to many but it is real and when you notice it, you can’t stop! The video is an introduction to the world of essences and to how they can transform our moods. I am also very inspired by nature and this is an aspect of MĀ that inspires me too.  


How do you think art can help us to improve our wellbeing? 

Art is an amazing way of asking ourselves many more questions and bringing out our concerns and worries. It is completely purifying and healing.

Any words of wisdom for an inspiring life?

Time is limited. I often repeat this phrase to remind myself that the only important thing that we have in this life is time. For this reason, I try not to waste it doing things that don’t support my well-being and learning.

How do you #findyouMĀ? Can you describe how it smells?  

My #MĀmoment is definitely dancing. I think that it’s the small things that help my well-being and self-confidence. I focus on the rhythm of the music and flow with it. It doesn’t matter what worries I have because they disappear…and that is a #MĀmoment. It smells of vitality, of course.


Who inspires you that you would like to see featured as a #MĀpeople?  

The person who inspires me the most in my day-to-day life is my partner Dani Masana. I admire his talent for architecture as well as his constant positivism and his calm in the face of adversity. Having him in my life is a the best ever.

Also, one of the persons that have impacted my career the most is Julia Berg, a Development Producer and founder of Untamed Stories - @untamedstories -. She was my boss when I lived in London. I will be forever grateful for all I learned from her. She is still one of my biggest inspirations at many levels.


For more inspiration, follow Mireia @mireia_farran

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