Inspiring MĀpeople: Josep Duran

Written by: Nina Martí

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Inspiring MĀpeople: Josep Duran


At MĀpeople we feature people that inspire us, today we introduce you to Josep’s world, he reflects on his favorite #MĀmoments and how he approaches new creative projects. 

Josep is a graphic designer at Forma, a design studio based in Barcelona, who has developed MA brand identity and packaging. He grew up in a rural area near Girona and now lives in Barcelona with his partner Laura and their friend Oriol. 

Josep is focus, creativity and positivism. Seguim!

Where are you answering from?

From my shared apartment's living room. Oriol is next to me working on a freelance project and Laura will arrive from her piano lesson in a few minutes.

What is your favorite place at home? 

Definitely the bedroom. It is a very small, black-painted, bedroom with a lot of wood furniture and two beautiful lamps, which give the dark walls a very warm and cozy feeling.

What is your favorite morning ritual, aka #MĀmoment?  

Some Saturdays, if we've gone out the night before, one of the flatmates goes to a nearby Japanese bakery —Takashi Ochiai, worth a visit!— and buys croissants for all the rest.

We then enjoy them with good coffee and chill music.

Design appartment in Barcelona

What is your favorite evening ritual, aka #MĀmoment?  

I guess it depends on the day, but two of my favorites are wine & friends on the terrace or watching any random The Office episode with Laura in our bed..

Tell us something you always do before starting a new project?  

I tend to get too excited and think about design solutions too soon and before getting deep inside into the brief. Later on, I do the regular brief analysis and see if what I thought fits the project. Not quite often, sadly.

What inspired you in the collaborative process with MĀ?  

Nina and Esther had a pretty clear idea in their heads. Especially regarding the art direction and tone of the brand. It was easy for us to get inspired and choose the right ingredients to translate into visuals what they were describing in words.

What was your inspiration to interpret MĀ?  

For us, the Japanese concept of MĀ is something very calming, almost invisible. Every decision we've made along the design process tries to not disturb the eye.   

Which is your favourite MĀ Master Blend?  

Good Sleep. I really love that it lightly smells like lavender but with a pinch of citrus. It takes me back to the house where I grew up, which has huge lavender plants in the garden.

good sleep essential oil

Any words of wisdom for an inspiring life?

Not very friend of giving generic life advice, I truly believe that everyone has a different way to happiness / self-fulfillment.

How do you #findyouMĀ? Can you describe how it smells?  

Sometimes I do very rudimentary furniture in my grandpa's old workshop, just for fun. That raw wood smell is amazing and it couldn't be more relaxing.

Who inspires you that you would like to see featured as a #MĀpeople?  

I'd say Oriol Gallart. He is an amazing interior designer and he takes everyday rituals very seriously.

For more inspiration, follow Josep @formaandco

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