Tips to feel calmer

Written by: Nina Martí

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Tips to feel calmer

Ever felt like things were getting out of hand but unsure how to bring back the calm into your daily life? Being worried or upset can be difficult feelings to manage and bringing the mind to a peaceful place is often easier said than done. Taking the time to pause and focusing on ourselves is the best way establish strong and long lasting emotional well-being.

Create a meditation routine

Meditation is a very easy way to show yourself some love. While some may think it can be a difficult exercise, there are many different ways to meditate including guided meditation. This practice goes through various aspects of meditation, it’s purpose and different practice which will help control the attention of the mind to center it and bring more calm. It can take as little as 10 minutes and, if done every day, will establish a healthy mental routine.  

Essential oils are an excellent support to mediation as they help your mind come to a place of focus. Amongst the different essential oils for a calmer mindset, frankincense is a popular choice. 

Our MĀ Secret: Diffuse fifteen drops of MĀ Calm Master Blend before your meditation practice begins. Breathe.

Go outside

Being in direct contact with sunlight can increase the release of serotonin in the brain and consequently improve your mood and alleviate stress. Staying in a room where you feel nervous or stressed can only aggravate the emotion. Removing yourself physically and going for a short walk will help improve focus, your mood and lower the heart rate. 

Going for daily short walks is also a great way to be more calm in the long run, taking some time focusing on yourself and away from digital distractions.

relax outiside

Keep a gratitude journal

Being grateful for what we have in life is important. Reminding ourselves we are lucky to have what we have and things we appreciate helps create a positive mindset. In turns this also helps reflect on stressful and challenging moments and put them back into perspective while remaining calmer as you know what you have accomplished and the different things you are already grateful for.

Look for the positive

In line with keeping track of things you are grateful for, thinking positively has a tremendous effect on your mental health and capacity to remain calm and at peace with yourself. Even if it may be difficult sometimes, try to think of the positive, both short and long term of any situation. This will help create a more productive mindset and offert a calm and grounding perspective

Do breathing exercises

Breathing is one of the easier exercises to help restore calm. It increases oxygen supply and gives an anchor for the mind when it feels unsettled. One way to help facilitate this is the four square breathing exercise during which you breathe in slowly to a count of four, hold for four before exhaling for four and rest again for four. Simply repeat this exercise 4 times focusing the mind on the rythme of the breathing. After this short break, you will feel as a different person, calmer and at peace with yourself. 

To enhance the feeling of serenity, you can accompany this breathing practice with bergamot essential oil. The zesty and delicate aroma will help mitigate stress and unlock positive thoughts. 

Our MĀ Secret: Add five drops to a diffuser. Place it close to where you are and start the four-square breathing exercise. Close your eyes and let your mind settle. 

Ensure you get enough sleep

Sleep is crucial to your mental health and will be a defining factor to its well-being. Getting enough sleep is important to boost your energy levels from the moment the alarm goes off but also ensure the mind is well rested and able to process any situation peacefully. 

Try to go to bed slightly earlier and establish a routine which will help the mind and body to rest. Some essential oils can be part of the different evening rituals as their unique scent promotes relaxation and activates areas of the brain in charge of regulating sleep.. 

Our MĀ Secret: Dilute ten drops of lavender essential oil in water and spray over your pillow before bed. Breathe in and let the scent guide the mind to a calmer place.

Allocate screen free moments

The world we live in allows us to be constantly connected but also within reach through mobile phones and computers. These constant stimuli can be unsettling for the mind which is unable to find peace. Take some time to yourself, put your phone away, close the laptop and read a book. Reading ten minutes every day slows down our daily pace, allowing the mind to wander more freely and at its own speed. Taking a break from screens is a way to reconnect with ourselves and the world around us as we are in the moment and free of any worries.

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