The ultimate diffuser guide

Written by: Nina Martí

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The ultimate diffuser guide

Learn about how diffusers work and the benefits of diffusing essential oils

Here at MĀ, essential oils are our happy place. We haven't invented it, oils have been used for millennials. We believe diffusers are the best way to fill a room with positivity and fully unleash the benefits of essential oils. Easily placed in any area of your home, your car or your workplace, they are the perfect addition to help you improve your overall well-being thru natural scenting. After all, 75% of your emotions are affected by what you smell! 

The different and most loved types of diffusers

If you want to start diffusing essential oils as part of your wellness routine, you can choose between different options depending on your preference and the purpose of their use.

Nebulising diffusers

With no water and no heat at all, nebulisers break down the particles of the essential oil and create a very fine mist that is slowly released into the air. Considered one of the cleanest diffusers, the nebuliser does not impact the chemical profile of the essential oil and releases it in its purest form.

Ultrasonic diffusers

Using a small amount of essential oil, ultrasonic diffusers are often a popular and loved choice. Both diffuser and humidifier, as it uses water to release the therapeutic particles, it is ideal if you find yourself in a dry environment and are looking to restore a more suitable breathing place.

Heat diffusers

Heat is another way to diffuse essential oils as the particles evaporate at high temperature. Mixed with water, this technique boosts the aroma however it can also alter the chemical profile of the essential oil if the temperature is too high and will impact its properties..   

Wood diffusers

MĀ has imagined a new way to diffuse essential oil: The Wood Mood. Carved into natural wood, this small piece of natural material can be taken anywhere and allows it to reconnect with nature and use its own medium to carry the benefits of the essence produced from plants. Easy to carry everywhere, this small piece of wood can be placed on any surface, desk, in the car etc, to slowly diffuse the selected aroma and fill the atmosphere with positivity.

wood diffuser

Why we love diffusing essential oils

There are many benefits to diffusing essential oils. Whether you use a diffuser for a specific reason, for instance, create a calming mood during working hours, or simply want to balance the atmosphere of your home, diffusers are an excellent natural way to improve your life and emotional well-being.

Enjoy long-lasting relaxation

Many essential oils are known for their soothing and relaxing properties. Diffusing calming essential oils such as lavender, chamomile or clary sage in a room allows for their aroma to fill up the air and create a relaxing space where the mind and the body are able to fully let go of tensions and stress.

Breathe better

Acting as an air purifier, diffusing essential oil such as eucalyptus, peppermint or cinnamon is an excellent way to improve respiratory health and help prevent allergic reactions.

Our MĀ Secret: Diffuse ten drops of peppermint essential oil. Feel the air and the fresh scent fill up your lungs. Breathe out.


Let go of stress

Essential oils are known for their therapeutic and calming properties. Diffusing them is an exceptional way to continuously promote a relaxing environment, essential for the mind to let go. When diffusing soothing essential oils such as lavender, the heart rate lowers and the aroma allows the mind to soften. Breathe in, fully immerse in the feeling of relaxation.

Boost your immune system

Our bodies are subject to daily external attacks from bacteria, viruses, fungus and other parasites. Protecting our immune system is the key to a better and longer life. Essential oils such as tea tree, rosemary and eucalyptus have strong antibacterial properties, which, when diffused in the air around us, help protect our bodies and our health.

Our MĀ Secret: Diffuse fifteen drops of cedarwood essential oil. Let the comforting woody aroma create a soothing atmosphere while the antibacterial properties clear the air and protect you and your

Create positivity

When breathed, essential oils stimulate olfactory receptors which are responsible for sending messages to the brain and impacting our mood. Essential oils help trigger positive responses and alleviate stress and anxiety. 

Diffusing essential oils creates a positive environment in which the mind can focus on positive thoughts and free itself from negative ideas or tensions.

If you feel down or can sense worries are bubbling up, try diffusing soothing essential oils such as rose or sweet orange. Let the aroma take over and elevate your mood.

Our MĀ Secret: Add ten drops of ylang ylang essential oil to a diffuser. Allow the tropical scent to fill up the room. Let your mind wander to the Indonesian islands.

Define the scent of your home

Diffusing essential oils can also be used as a cleaning tool thanks to their antifungal properties and powerful scent. The strong aroma released by the oils will overtake any unpleasant smells which may subconsciously entertain negative thoughts and irritate the mood.

Walking into a calm athmosphere

The world of today can be very hectic and exhausting. Creating a place to recharge our batteries is essential. The soothing properties of essential oils such as marjoram or frankincense bring a grounding scent to our lives and help the brain unwind as the gentle scents trigger positive thoughts. 

With the mind surrounded by the comforting aroma, let it be guided to a calm place when it can be free of any stress and find peace.

organic essential oil calm

MĀ has imagined a unique blend to help soothe the mind and steady the soul: MĀ Calm Master Blend. Made with three essential oils Cedarwood Atlas balance the mood, Ylang Ylang to provide relaxation and Frankincense to ground the mind, this distinctive scent is perfect to bring peace into your life.

Our MĀ Secret: Diffuse MĀ Calm Master Blend to help the mind come down from a stressful moment or simply diffuse it daily to create a soothing space to centre and appease the soul. Just take a moment to breathe in and slowly breathe out to feel the calm come back into your life.


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