The benefits of diffusing Lemon essential oil

Written by: Lisa Marti

The benefits of diffusing Lemon essential oil

Commonly referred to as the “liquid sunshine”, Lemon essential oil is one of the most popular and adored organic elixir from the citrus family. 

Obtained through cold-pressing the peel of the fruit to release its natural oil gorged with sunlight, there is no doubt this zesty and zingy concentrated liquid works wonders on the mind and body when diffused around the house. 

Sharp, crisp and punchy, here are some of the main lemon essential oil diffuser benefits of keeping the summery compound handy, to diffuse it throughout the house and at any moment.

Brighten up the mood

Lemons have a scent of summer, afternoon sunshine and Mediterranean bliss. It is no surprise that the concentrated aroma of the sunny fruit has uplifting benefits when diffused around the house.

Relieve stress

Lemon, like many citrus essential oils, is known to have a sharp and invigorating scent which cuts through any negative emotion. Packed with antioxidants, and more precisely limonene, it helps reduce stress and symptoms of anxiety as it increases the level of dopamine and serotonin in the body. 

When diffused, it calms the mind and helps fight nervous or anxious feelings while triggering happier thoughts. From then, it is able to let go of stressful emotions and come back down to a more balanced and stable state.

Relax and calm

Promote happiness and energy

Another great effect of diffusing Lemon essential oil is its potent ability to boost the mood. The bright and zesty scent is known to have a positive impact on our mental wellbeing and can help uplift spirits when feeling a bit down. When the mind feels lighter and happier, our bodies follow suit to feel more at ease and filled with new energy.

If you ever feel blue, try diffusing a few drops of this true happiness potion and slowly notice positive emotions flowing effortlessly in this newly created cheerful ambience. You can also associate it with a yoga session to invigorate your body while your mind reaches a happier place. As you stretch, feel a positive strength flow through your body and soul, pushing away negative thoughts.

Sharpen the mind

The crisp scent of Lemon essential oil is also often used to help concentrate better. 

With stress out of the way and positive emotions at the forefront of your mind, Lemon essential oil brings more clarity to the brain and recenters its focus. Alert and energised it can let go of any distraction and finally come down to concentrating on a specific task at hand. 

To release the full potential of Lemon essential oil on the mind and focus, MĀ has imagined a unique blend combining rosemary and mint to promote concentration and stimulate the memory. MĀ Focus Master Blend  is the perfect blend to diffuse around your work area. Bright, sharp and citrusy, it catches the attention of the mind and channels the energy towards any task or project you need to complete.

Improve breathing

Lemon can also be used to help with first symptoms of a cold such as a mild cough and a sore throat. Lemon essential oil, when diffused, has the same properties. The fine mist released in the air helps clear the respiratory tract, fights off germs thanks to the natural antibacterial agents present in the concentrated yellow liquid. 

If you start feeling that chest tightness and other symptoms of a cold, turn on your diffuser with ten drops of Lemon essential oil. Slowly notice your breathing gets a bit easier and the chest opens up.

Cleanse the air

The liquid sunshine is also reputed for having antibacterial and antifungal properties which makes it a great ingredient to many homemade cleaning products. When diffused, these potent attributes are able to tackle any germs and toxins in the air around you. 

As windows and doors are often kept closed in our homes, especially during the winter there is less air circulation which is ideal for germs to spread quickly. That is when diffusing Lemon essential oil is the most efficient and can help reduce any harmful bacteria from the air you and your loved one breathe.

Freshen up the air

Diffusing Lemon essential oil to clear the air from any germs or toxins present in the air is not the only aspect your home benefits from when diffusing the liquid gold. Its fruity scent can freshen up the air and clear out of any lingering scents which can result from cooking or any other unpleasant smells that make your home uncomfortable.

Repel insects naturally

An additional advantage of Lemon essential oil is its powerful ability to gently repel insects. While no one likes mosquito bites and unwanted guests in their home, diffusing Lemon essential oil is a non-toxic solution to driving the little creatures away without harming them. 

Simply place the Ceramic Diffuser close to your window to create a natural shield. Rest assured the zesty scent will keep the bugs at bay.

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