How to use Geranium essential oil?

Written by: Lisa Marti

How to use Geranium essential oil?

Balancing and soothing for the mind and the body.

Geranium essential oil is characterized by a floral and refreshing fragrance. Popular since the Ancient Egyptian Times, mainly then for its beautifying attributes, it has a multitude of therapeutic properties which make it one of the most loved essential oils. 

Adored for its calming properties, praised for its wonderful powers on the skin and acclaimed for its relaxing abilities, discover some of our favorite ways to introduce geranium essential oil to your daily life.


Diffuse to soothe the mind and boost mental well-being

Using an essential oil diffuser is an excellent way to free the powerful properties of geranium essential oil and let the delicate aroma fill the room with its minuscule particles.

Create a relaxing atmosphere

Anxiety can easily creep up at any moment during the day and leave us feeling unnecessarily worried or even stressed. Geranium essential oil is known to have a positive effect on the mind, ground emotions and promote relaxation. 

Diffusing the floral volatile oil allows it to release its calming properties and create a soothing environment. The gentle flowery aroma helps break through negative thoughts and trigger positive ideas allowing the mind to settle back down to a more peaceful state.

Our MĀ Secret: add fifteen drops of geranium essential oil to your Ceramic Diffuser. Find a comfortable place, sit down and breathe slowly. Allow the mind to focus on the breath and slowly soften. When you are ready and feel relaxed, open your eyes. Enjoy the serene ambience you have just created for yourself.

Design Ceramic Diffuser in a relaxed room

Unlock your creativity

While diffusing geranium essential oil allows for its delicate scent to transform a room into a peaceful place, the floral compound is also adept at stimulating creativity and imagination.  

Our MĀ Secret: gather different spices and add a few drops of geranium essential oil to create your own potpourri to reconnect with a traditional way to diffuse pleasant smells. Filled with pride, place the unique handmade decoration in the main room of your home where it can effortlessly create a peaceful and soothing ambience.

Boost your romantic emotions

Linked to the subtle scent of roses, geranium essential oil is also known to be a natural, yet powerful aphrodisiac. The flowery scent reminds the brain of emotions of trust and love which can be helpful if you feel your confidence and libido have dipped recently. The light scent of geranium essential oil is perfect to gently spark intimacy in your couple and revive the sensual passion that stress can sometimes hinder.

Our MĀ Secret: ahead of bedtime, create a sensual atmosphere by diffusing ten drops of geranium essential oil in your bedroom. Breathe in and reconnect with your significant other.

Add it to your bath for a calming moment

Hot water is another perfect method to diffuse the fresh aroma of geranium essential oil. Added to the bathwater, it creates a soothing steam that detoxes the mind from anxiety and stress, allowing the body to also let go of any tensions and the muscles to fully relax. Home sweet home.

After a long day at work, add five drops of geranium essential oil as you sink into the hot water. Close your eyes. Let your worries and stress gently soak away. Notice how the mind feels lighter as you come out, cleansed of anxious feelings. 

Gently block insects

Diffusing a light mist of geranium essential oil to fill the air with positivity is also a great way to kindly repel insects. The flower, commonly placed on the edge of bedroom windows, releases a powerful scent which is repelling to most bugs. Diffusing the concentrated essence of that aroma creates an appeasing atmosphere for humans but also gives a non-toxic signal to bugs not to enter, and that's an all-round win!


couple with essential oil bottle in their hands

Geranium essential oil presents a myriad of benefits for both the mind and the body. Highly versatile, there are endless ways to use it and level up both mental and physical self-care rituals.

You can find organic Geranium essential oil in our Sensuality Master Blend along with Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Sweet Organge and Lime. Sensuality is a wo ody and floral Master Blend to diffuse when you want to set the tone for an intimate moment.


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