Inspiring MĀpeople: Donna Howell

Written by: Lisa Marti

Inspiring MĀpeople: Donna Howell


At MĀpeople we feature people that inspire us, today we introduce you to Donna’s world, she reflects on her favorite #MĀmoments and what inspired her for our brand partnership shooting.

Donna is Creative Director from Leamington Spa, Warwickshire - UK. We are simply amazed by her talented curated vision of interior designs. We also love her personal story: 

Her biggest influence professionally was becoming a mother. During maternity leave, Donna took time out from working in a corporate industry. For many years, she felt like a creative trapped in an IT world and the time away allowed her to refocus and go on to re-train as an Interior Designer. In 2012 her home was featured in a UK Interior Magazine and during the process she met an amazing freelance interior stylist who inspired her greatly. It was from this point that her career took a turn and the rest is history as they say.

Donna is pure creativity, a visionary, and a one of a kind person who gives the most attention to details in each thing she does! We have loved to partner with her -- and oh - this photos!

interior design difusser


Where are you answering from?

I am at home and have been shooting content today for a timeless iconic candleholder designer. I am now sat with coffee in my studio editing.

What is your favorite place at home? 

I am just about to move house and we have been discussing what elements we will miss from our current property. Without doubt it will be our living room. It is the largest room in the house, boasting very high ceilings with original plaster coving and a huge fireplace. It’s our favourite room to relax in at the end of a long working day.

What is your favorite morning ritual, aka #MĀmoment?  

Weekday mornings are a military operation. We therefore make sure that weekend mornings are a much slower pace with lots of time to enjoy a lazy breakfast ritual. We still fill our weekend days though so I think it would be a scent with uplifting citrus notes such as grapefruit.

What is your favorite evening ritual, aka #MĀmoment?  

My sleep has been effected as I have got older, so I try to avoid screen time at least one hour before bedtime. I always burn a candle or diffuser with essential oils and run a warm bath before bed. I am finding that this regime is helping. In terms of a scent I love anything woody like cedarwood and of course lavender is the best to help unwind.

Tell us something you always do before starting a shooting?  

I always have to be ready for work so this consists of being up and ready as if I was going out to see a client. I also have to know that the rest of the house is tidy and clutter free so that my mind is free to focus creatively.

What inspired you in the collaborative process with MĀ?  

I have for sometime been interested in learning more about essential oils and how they are intrinsically linked with emotions via scent. Sustainability it's an important factor too and I like how this is core in MĀ’s philosophy.

calm essential oil blend


How have you interpreted MĀ? Tell us what was your inspiration for the beautiful imagery you created.

I am always inspired by aesthetics and I loved how the product designs sat perfectly in my home. From the matt glaze of the ceramic diffuser with the soft lighting options to the dark green matt glass of the essential oil bottles. 

What are your favorite moments you like to capture with your camera? 

I like to see the perfect in the imperfect and capture a moment unconventionally. 

How do you think interior design can help us improve our mood?  

I wholeheartedly believe that a calm scheme helps with mood. For me a room has to be pared back and allow its features to shine. We like to live with a less is more approach

Any words of wisdom, your life motto?  

Finding contentment in the simple things - live in the moment as much as possible.

What activities are the ones that help you to #findyourMĀ?   

Being organised at home strangely makes me feel good and for me there’s nothing like falling into clean bed sheets. I love the scent of freshly laundered bedding that has been air dried outside. The smell of fresh cotton.

 diffuser and essential oils

What type of scents do you like most for your home?  

My favourite interior scents are generally quite masculine. I love woody/tobacco/leather and amber notes.

For more inspiration, follow Donna @dhowelldesigns

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