Inspiring MĀpeople: Claire Menary

Written by: Lisa Marti

Inspiring MĀpeople: Claire Menary


At MĀpeople we feature people that inspire us, today we introduce you to Claire’s world, she reflects on her favorite #MĀmoments and what inspired her for our brand partnership shooting.

Claire is a professional photographer and occasional content creator. She enjoys travelling the world as much as she loves being at home in South West London. Claire has a strong eye for detail and a knack for capturing the beauty in every-day settings and moments which make her a highly sought after photographer. We could not love more the way she has interpreted #MĀmoments.

Claire is elegance, light, and pure creativity!

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Where are you answering from?

I’m writing these answers from my home in a very grey SW London today! It’s early morning and I didn’t have a great night’s sleeping, but I have the MĀ Focus Master Blend diffusing on the table so it’s lifting me up as I type.

What is your favorite place at home? 

I have a very small flat so there’s not much space or rooms in truth! I think my favourite part of my flat is my living area.

What is your favorite morning ritual, aka #MĀmoment?  

I really enjoy doing my skincare in the morning and if I have the time, giving myself a moment to have a face mask and do a quick facial massage to de-puff and awaken my face. If it were a scent it would be cooling and uplifting, perhaps something with eucalyptus!

What is your favorite evening ritual, aka #MĀmoment?  

Lighting a candle and curling up on the sofa. It would be a calming, warm scent for sure.

Tell us something you always do before starting a shooting?  

I think I just mentally prepare for a shoot by getting into "the zone” so to speak. Focus on the job at hand and what needs to be done - a lot of concentration and understanding what I want the final result to look like.

What was your inspiration to interpret MĀ?  

Calmness. Portraying a sense of calm through imagery; through tones and simplicity in the image.



What are your favorite moments you like to capture with your camera? 

Moments that portray a moment in time and atmosphere.


Where do you love to travel?  

I love travelling everywhere and anywhere. A favourite place of mine to photograph is Italy though, it’s just so beautiful - from architecture to landscape, to daily life. 

Any words of wisdom, your life motto?  

I don’t really live by any mottos but I guess if any relate, it would be "just be yourself as everyone else is already taken" 

What activities are the ones that help you to #findyourMĀ?   

I’ll be honest, there are times when the days blur and I have no time to myself or to find any sort of calm in a week. When that’s the case, I just prioritise the work that needs to get done and then factor in some mind & body rest around it. It could be as simple as having a completely empty day in the diary where I can do nothing so I can truly switch off mentally, or it can be as simple as take some time doing something that’s purely just for me.


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What type of scents do you like most for your home?  

I really enjoy fresh, green scents. I think that’s why I’m drawn to the MĀ Focus Master Blend the most!

For more inspiration, follow Claire @clairemenary

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