The science behind essential oils

Written by: Nina Martí

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The science behind essential oils

Natural ways to boost your energy levels 

Used since Ancient Times, essential oils have become more popular over the past decades as a supplement or therapeutic treatment to promote better health. Not only are they more present in beauty products, but they have also evolved to become part of a lifestyle that focuses on mental health and promotes natural wellbeing.

Discover more about the science behind essential oils, their use and how they interact with the body and mind to unleash their healing properties.

The practice of aromatherapy

A simple definition of aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for its therapeutic properties.

There are many ways you can experiment with the practice of aromatherapy:

  • Diffused around the house to unlock the different therapeutic benefits of the essential oils:  you can create as many blends as moments in your day! 
  • Diluted in water to spray around the house and on fabric such as beddings
  • Used topically, applying essential oil once diluted in a carrier oil to the skin. 
  • Integrated to your daily routine and for instance added to the bathwater to create a relaxing moment or to your morning shower to benefit from their exhilarating properties.

The connection between scents and the mind

Diffusing essential oil is often suggested as the primary use for those concentrated natural compounds as it stimulates certain areas of the brain with the aim to trigger a positive response.

When we smell a specific scent, our nose collects miniature particles which are dissolved in the mucus of the respiratory system which protects the receptor cells called olfactory receptor neurons. Their role is to detect odours and transmit them as messages to the limbic system, known as the most primitive area of the brain, and the neo-cortex.

These two areas play a key role in defining our response to scents as the role of the limbic system is responsible for emotions and memories while the neo-cortex defines conscious thoughts.

The brain of emotions

Scents stimulate the limbic system which is placed near the middle of the brain and acts as a network within the central nervous system. Known as the brain of emotions, its role is to translate the fragrance to a specific sentiment, memory or thought. 

The emotional response produced by the limbic system is then connected to sensory data from the thinking part of the brain; the neo-cortex. Together the two systems form a response that impacts our conscious thoughts and the mindset in which we find ourselves.

aromatherapy brain emotions

In fact, 75% of our daily emotions are affected by what we smell, without us realising it. A light and delicate scent will have a subconscious soothing effect on the mind while a strong and unpleasant odour will make us grimace in disgust.

Aromatherapy for your home

Thanks to their anti-bacterial properties, many volatile oils such as lemon or eucalyptus essential oils can be used for other purposes and create natural, homemade cleaning products.

In this instance, the concentration of essential oils plays in their favour as it acts as a strong antibacterial and protects your home from any viral infections. However, it also allows the natural aroma to be released in the atmosphere, providing your entire family with the benefits of olfactory aromatherapy, guiding everyone’s mind to a positive and peaceful mindset.

Our MĀ Secret: Add a few drops of Focus Master Blend essential oil to a diffuser. Let the concentrated compound cleanse the air in your home and the fresh scent fill up the room. Inhale deeply. Let the exhilarating aroma awaken the mind.

Used through centuries, aromatherapy is widely recognised as an essential component to building long-lasting and balanced emotional well-being. Whether they are used topically to provide a natural remedy to specific physical conditions and support the body’s health, inhaled to elevate the mood or as a key ingredient to natural household products, essential oils provide a wholesome solution and create a positive atmosphere for the mind to be at peace.


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