Vitality Master Blend by MĀ

Written by: Nina Martí

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Vitality Master Blend by MĀ

We all know that feeling when the alarm goes off but the body and mind are not ready just yet. Even though you have just slept a whole night, energy levels can sometimes be feeling low and the mind still feeling a bit foggy.

Whether you have a busy day ahead or need an extra boost during the day in between tasks, we can help you to energize your mind with our Vitality Master Blend.

The right energy to seize the day

Light and citrusy, MĀ Vitality Master Blend instantly transports your mind to a warm summer day, with endless adventures ahead of you. This sunny vibrant feeling will follow you all day long with its unique crisp aroma diffusing energy around you.

Breathe in….You’re surrounded by citrus trees, watching the sun rising and lightly warming up before it takes on its entire strength and shines through the day. Breathe out...Your mind now has the extra boost it needs to be fully awake and ready to seize the chance to lead the way.

Our MĀ Vitality Master Blend is made of four essential oils: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Mint and Black Pepper. Together they create the perfect balanced essential oil blend which will help refresh your mind and boost your energy levels. Each of the elements of this carefully crafted blend plays a key role in bringing together the unique and uplifting scent.

vitality essential oil

Bergamot (Citrus bergamia), top note

Bergamot essential oil is a natural happiness enhancer. Part of the citrus family, it carries the distinctive crips and zesty aroma which automatically triggers positive emotions and helps restore calm.

In our MĀ Vitality Master Blend, Bergamot essential oil takes the top note. It is the first scent that comes through to this unique blend and instantly gives the mind a quick boost that will make you feel more energised and positive about the day ahead of you.

Grapefruit (Citrus paradisii), heart note

Another member of the citrus family, Grapefruit essential oil has a much deeper scent than its citrus relatives. As such it helps ground emotions and calms down feelings of stress or anxiety which in turn uplift the mood.

Grapefruit is the heart note of our MĀ Vitality Master Blend. Its rich and grounding aroma defines the body of the blend. Its scent is long-lasting and helps push tense feelings away, leaving the mind more refreshed and revitalised.

Mint (Mentha piperita)

Crips and fresh, Mint essential oil is like a breath of morning breeze. Invigorating, the scent of Mint instantly perks up the mind and boosts its energy levels up. The cooling effect of the herbaceous aroma helps the mind become more attentive and to replace sluggish feelings with long-lasting vitality.

Mint essential oil is a middle note of our MĀ Vitality Master Blend. Its refreshing and invigorating scent is long-lasting and provides the mind with this constant stimulus to help it feel more awake and alert.

Black Pepper (Piper nigrum L.), base note

Spicy and deep-scented, Black Pepper essential oil is highly stimulating. The warm aroma of this rich essential oil boosts the mind to transition from feeling sleepy to being fully awake and ready to seize the day.

In MĀ Vitality Master Blend, Black Pepper essential oil takes the base note as it really resonates with the mind and gives this long-lasting feeling of warmth like the morning sunshine softly waking up the body, feeling it up with energy and positivity.

Bring MĀ Vitality Master Blend into your life

Feeling awake and refreshed when you wake up is not always a given. Even after a long night we sometimes feel a bit groggy, maybe we slept too much? If there is such a thing! Maybe the body and the mind need a nudge that it is now time to be more alert and seize the day.

This is when having a morning routine is essential. It helps the mind understand the transition and move into a different state. Equally, it gives the body a chance to slowly warm up after being on standby for hours.

Stretch the body and mind

Morning meditation and stretches are an excellent way to slowly bring both to be more energised. Adding MĀ Vitality Master Blend to your morning practice adds an extra boost to fully achieve its objective and set the tone for the rest of the day.

organic essential oil for energy

The citrusy and light scent transports the mind to the Mediterranean coasts at dawn while its base note, Black Pepper brings the mind the warmth it needs to gently come to a fully awakened state.

Our MĀ Secret: Pour five drops of MĀ Vitality Blend into the Mood Wood diffuser. Come to a comfortable seating position. Take a few deep breaths and slowly start stretching the body from feet to head, scanning through each part, acknowledging how it feels. Set your intentions for the day. Breathe out, open your eyes.

Bring MĀ Vitality on the go

Sometimes mornings are rushed and we don’t have time to do our routine unfortunately. The most important thing is to remember to be kind with ourselves, there might be many reasons why time escaped, maybe we needed more sleep, maybe something came up or something else needs to be done and it may have had to take priority. When that happens it is important to find a moment to reset and restore parts of the routine, to help the mind settle and start off on the right foot.

MĀ Wood Mood can be taken with you anywhere you want. If you are in a bit of a rush, pack the natural diffuser with MĀ Vitality Master Blend with you and carve out a moment in your morning to give your mind the sensory boost it needs to tackle the day.

Our MĀ secret: When the rush is over, pour fifteen drops of MĀ Vitality Master Blend into the MĀ Ceramic Diffuser. Fill up the tank with water and close it, putting the ceramic back on. Bring the Ceramic Diffuser close to you and set the timer. Take a deep breath of the citrusy aroma released by the natural diffuser and let the invigorating scents perk up your mind. Breathe out, feel the energy flowing. Repeat the practice anytime during the day, between meetings or just as a midday pick me up gesture. Simply take a moment to reset and boost your mind with Vitality.


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